My list of beautiful Tagalog words

Sampaguita (Jasminum sambac), a common flower in the Philippines

You think Tagalog is an ugly language? Either way, beauty is in the ear of the beholder. This article is a list of Tagalog words, I personally, consider beautiful. I have based the beauty of these words on the pronunciation and how it rolls off the tongue and their meanings. This list is not saying that these words are the most beautiful nor is this list ordered. Just saying that this list is contains words that sound beautiful in my opinion. However, this is also an opportunity for you to learn more Tagalog words. Here is my list of beautiful words in Tagalog:

maganda – beautiful

Obviously the first word in the list is the one that relates to this article. A very commonly spoken word so you’ll here Filipinos use this often when describing something they like. e.g. Maganda ka na! – You’re beautiful.

bahaghari – rainbow

After a sad, rainy day, when the rain stops, a rainbow will shine over the horizon signifying the happiness of the day. Or it’s maybe because of light reflection. e.g. Maraming kulay ang bahaghari – The rainbow has many colours.

bayanihan – community spirit

This word is a very influential word that means . It relates to people helping other people in various situations. From helping a family move their bahay kubo to another location or helping survivors during times of disaster. e.g. Maganda ang bayanihan ng mga tao kapag may kalamidad. – The spirit of the people is beautiful during times of calamity. NOTE: This word does NOT mean “spirit” in general.

dalamhati – grief

When something regretful or tragic happens. If you speak Malay or Indonesian, you’ll notice that this word is a combination of both dalam (inside) and hati (mind/liver). So it means something like “inside the mind”. e.g. Mabigat ang dalamhati ng kamatayan ng tatay mo. – The grief over the loss of your father is heavy.

luwalhati – glory

Basically the opposite of dalamhati. When something wonderful happens. If you speak Malay or Indonesian, you’ll notice that this word is a combination of both luar (outside) and hati (mind/liver). So it means something like “outside the mind”. e.g. Huwag mong makalimutin ang luwalhati ng tagumpay mong nakaraan. – Never forget the glory of your past successes.

pakikisama – togetherness, getting aloud

Getting along with people especially Filipinos is a huge deal in the Philippines. There are many different synonyms for this word in Tagalog including samahan or komunidad. e.g. Mahalaga ang pakikisama ng mga kaibigan. – Getting along with friends is important.

sampalataya – faith

Another variant of the word is panampalataya. e.g. May sampalataya ka ba kay Diyos o Allah. – Have you faith in God or Allah? NOTE: Yes, both God and Allah are indeed the same but with two different names for two different religions.

tadhana – destiny

Not spoken often except for romantic situations, same goes for the English word “destiny”. Very poetic word. e.g. Tadhana ko ang pagiging ng pinakasikat na aktor. – My destiny is to be the most famous actor.

This list is not complete. Chances are that I may make another list of more Tagalog words I find beautiful. What do you think?


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