Delicious!! and other taste terms

Do you like Filipino food? Is it delicious? Bitter? Sour?

If you do like Filipino food, you can say these words in order to thank the cook.

These three Tagalog words all mean delicious, tasty, yummy, etc:

  • Masarap
  • Malasa
  • Malinamnam

Masarap, however, is by far the most popular out of the three. You’ll see and hear it almost all the time on a lot of billboards or TV commercials advertising food and you’ll hear people say it in conversations. Sometimes people say sarap for short.

The word, masarap, isn’t just limited to food. One can say it when they’re feeling wind cool them in a hot climate.

E.g. “Ang init naman” (wind blows) “Ahh, masarap ang hangin

(It’s so hot!!)(Ahh, the wind feels good.)

One can also say it to describe an exhilarating, pleasant or euphoric experience. Whether it be island hopping on a boat or watching a sunset on a beach with their significant other.

E.g. Masarap ang biyahe!

(The travel was pleasant.)


The word usually used for taste is lasa.

E.g. Ang lasa ng tsokolate.

(The taste of chocolate.)

Other words for tastes

Here are some other words to describe different tastes of food.

English Tagalog
bitter mapait
salty maasin, maalat
sour maasim
spicy maanghang

If you want to say the food didn’t taste good, it’s simple: hindi masarap (not delicious). I dare you to say this in the face of the cook of the food you didn’t like.


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