Question Words

question words



Ano ang pangalan mo?” (What is your name?)

Ano ang ginagawa niya?” (What is he/she doing?)



Sino ka ba?” (Who are you?)

Sino ba ang bagong guro?” (Who is the new teacher?)



Kanino ang kotse ito?” (Whose car is this?)

Kaninong bayad ito?” (Whose payment is this?)

 (To) WhomKay Sino


“Magtanong ako kay sino?” (To whom shall I ask?)

“Bibigyan ko ito kay sino?” (To whom do I give it?)

Where – there are actually two: Saan and Nasaan

Saan means something like “where to/from” describing the destination or the place of departure

e.g. Saan ka pupunta? (Where are you going?)

Saan siya galing? (Where did some come from?)

Nasaan means “where at” or “where in” describing the location

e.g. Nasaan ba tayo? (Where are we?)

Nasaan ang CR? (Where is the bathroom?)

Another way of saying “Nasaan” is “Asa” or “Asaan” however these are mainly colloquial and never written.



Kailan kayo dumating?” (When did you arrive?)

Kailan ba siya nagsabi?” (When did he/she say that?)

What time? (Telling time) Anong oras…


Anong oras ang pelikula?” (What time is the movie?)

Anong oras na?” (What time is it now?)



Alin ba sa iyo?” (Which is yours?)

Alin ang tama?” (Which is correct?)

Why Bakit


Bakit mahal ito” (Why is this expensive?)

Bakit hindi ka pa dumating?” (Why have you not yet arrived?)

How (method) Paano 


Paano ba ako pupuntadoon” (How will I go there?)

Paano ka magbabayad?” (How will you pay?)

How many (quantity) Ilan


Ilang (ilan ang) taonka na” (How old are you?) or (How many years are you?)

Ilang estudyante?” (How many students?)

How much (cost) Magkano


Magkano ba ito” (How much is this?)

Magkano ba ang utang mo?” (How much is your debt?) or (How much money do you owe?)

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