Child, Children, Kids


Children playing [img source]

These two words in Tagalog refer to child, children or kid but for different purposes.

Bata – this means child or children in general or young. The word kabataan means “youth”. The word is usually either a noun or an adjective.

E.g. Nagpupunta ang (mga) bata sa eskwelahan. (Children go to school.)

E.g. Natutulog ang bata sa kama. (The child is sleeping on the bed.)

E.g. Noong bata ako, lagi nang gusto ko ang adobo. (Since I was young, I have always liked adobo. OR Since I was a kid, I have always liked adobo.)

Anak – this means a child or offspring as in “son” or “daughter”. The word is usually just a noun. It can be used as a verb to mean either “to give birth” or “be born”. More about that in another article.

E.g. Siya ang anak ko. (He/she is my child/son/daughter.)

E.g. Tatay ko ang anak ng lolo ko. (My dad is my grandpa’s son.)

E.g. Diday ang anak ni Nora. (Diday is Nora’s daughter.)

When parents call their children “Anak”, it could mean “my son”, “my daughter” or “dear child”.

E.g. “Anak, kain ka na!”. (My child, go eat now!)


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