In a previous post, I wrote that the phrases for “Please” are Puwede ba, Pakisuyo and Pakiusap. However, these phrases are never spoken and usually left in textbooks.

You’ll see pakiusap used on signs though. A common way to say please is Paki+(verb root). As in:

Pakibigay mo ako – Please give me

Pakitawag – Please call

Pakiabot – Please get me/reach for me

There are other ways you can say “please” in Tagalog. For simple requests, like for example:

  • The blue one, please.
  • Two litres, please.
  • Buko, please.

You can say “Pahingi”, but pronounced “peng-ee”, which means something like “Please” or “I request”. For example:

  • Pahingi po ang asul
  • Pahingi dalawang litre
  • Pahingi po ang buko

In some of the examples, I’ve written po in between. That word makes the request more polite but we’ll get into that word in detail in another article.

So, here are some of the phrases you can use to say “Please” in spoken Tagalog. Personally I think nowadays “pakisuyo” is more widely accepted in Tagalog as a standalone way of saying “please”, so I’d use that.


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